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At All About Water we have everything you can possibly need for your SWIMMING POOL OR HOT TUB.

For the Pool...

Maintain Pool Chemicals We have everything you need to clean, brush, vacuum, rake, skim, clear, and make your pool sparkle. We are just as happy as you are when your pool is beautifully clean and dazzlingly clear. That is why we sell Maintain Pool Pro and GLB Products. These are the Pool Professionals secret to keeping your pool clean with very little maintenance. Professional Grade Chemicals are what keeps our customers happy and coming back for more. For silky, soft, luxurious feeling water, try Natural Chemistry products, Money-Back Guaranteed!

For the Spa/Hot Tub...

Royal Spa Energy Efficient Cost Effective We sell the top of the line, best HOT TUB on the market. Royal Spa Hot Tubs are efficient, well-built, easy to maintain, offer the best in Relaxation and Luxury and are MADE IN AMERICA.

A top of the line tub needs top of the line products and accessories. Leisure Time and Natural Chemistry are the best spa products anyone can offer. Our customers keep telling us..."If we would have known it was this easy to maintain a hot tub we would have bought one a lot sooner."


  • Plumbing Problems: repairs
  • Hot tub: service and repairs
  • Heaters: repair, sales and installation
  • Pumps: repair, sales and installation
  • Salt Generators (Autopilot): repair, sales and installation
  • Premium Vinyl Liners: repairs, sales and installation
  • Leak Detection
  • Weekly Maintenance and Checkups: Includes cleaning, checking chemicals, backwashing, and water chemical balance

Royal Spa™ Hot Tubs

Warranty - All Royal Spa hot tubs have an extensive warranty and are guaranteed to provide many years of enjoyment for you and your family. Give yourself the Royal treatment, and reign supreme with a Royal Spa.

Royal Spa Regal Royal Spa Royalty II Royal Spa King Ultra
Royal Spa Regal Royal Spa Jewel Royal Spa Royale
Royal Spa King Ultra Royal Spa Sultan Royal Spa Emperor II